Business services

We offer a range of high quality services for small and medium sized businesses. Our goal is to cut your operating costs and to deliver reliable solutions that are both easy to maintain and flexible enough to facilitate future growth. If we feel that the IT solutions in which we specialize do not match your business needs we will tell you so. We do not try to do everything, but what we do we do well. That is our commitment to you.


System Administration: Whether you need comprehensive IT support for your small business or help with a particular project, you can count on us. We offer both on-site and remote administration services for Linux systems, including installation, configuration, monitoring, backups, and troubleshooting. We have extensive experience with a variety of both high-end and consumer grade hardware and software, and we can help you manage standalone servers, small server farms, computer labs, or an ad-hoc setup of workstations.

Networking: Our network configuration and management services include planning and deployment of networking equipment as well as cabling.

Emergency support and troubleshooting Do you need urgent help with a Linux server or with your network? Contact us and let us take care of the problem!

Web application development Do you need a custom web application for your business? Provided that PHP and MySQL are the right solution for your business needs, we can help. We have extensive experience developing a variety of custom applications, including web portals, helpdesk systems, inventory systems, and collaborative web enabled databases.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Linux System Administration and Troubleshooting (CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu):
    • Remote monitoring and logging with Nagios/NagVis and syslog-ng
    • Remote and on-site administration
    • Installation and configuration of file, web, and mail services
    • Centralized authentication: NIS, NIS+, LDAP
    • Software and hardware RAID setups
    • RPM package creation
    • General system troubleshooting
    • Backups and synchronization
    • IPTables and SELinux configuration
  • Web Development:
    • PHP programming with Smarty templates
    • MySQL database backends