A few words about us:

We are a small group of independent consultants operating in the Greater Vancouver area (BC) and specializing in Linux, network infrastructure, and web technologies. Our commitment is to excellence in service and we take our responsibility towards our clients very seriously. Although we specialize in Linux and PHP/MySQL, we are technology agnostic and recognize that in some cases other platforms will better serve your needs, providing an overall more cost effective solution. If we find that to be the case, we will not take on the project. We only accept jobs for which we have sufficient expertise to ensure the timely delivery of a product of the highest quality, and which we think will benefit your business both in the short and the long term.

Choosing us:

We have extensive experience in our fields of specialization, and we can deliver outstanding value whether you need help with a specific project or are looking for a long term IT support solution for your small business. We document all our work extensively and communicate well with both technical and non-technical personnel. A couple of examples illustrate the advantages of choosing us for your IT needs:

Example 1: Your business or lab has a small IT group tasked with overseeing and managing normal operations. In order to improve response time and to monitor server and workstation loads, you decide to implement Nagios. You have the choice of asking your IT team to learn the ins and outs of the program so that it may be effectively deployed, or you can leave that task to us. We will take care of the initial setup and configuration, and will document and explain both the final configuration and usage to your IT group, ensuring that the configuration can be easily modified in-house when necessary. The overall cost of opting for this second choice will be considerably less than diverting the precious time of your IT personnel from normal work flow towards this task.

Example 2: You are a talented web designer who wants to focus on creative design rather than web application development. You can delegate that task to us. We do not mix html and PHP code, but deliver instead applications that use easily modifiable html templates. You only pay us once you are satisfied with the final product, and you can rest assured that our code is easy to maintain and extend.